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Thunderhawk Walk 2016

Thunderhawk Walk 2016

Thunderhawk Walk 2016

We have kicked off our annual fundraiser, “The Thunderhawk Walk.” The packets were sent home, all of the information is also included on the flyer below. We’re looking forward to seeing many of you that day walking with your children or volunteering to mark shirts as laps are completed.  The PTA has set up a sign-up below, we would love your help!  There are many opportunities for every student to win prizes and have a great time on April 19th, the day of the walk. We are very excited and hope that we reach our goal of $12,000 so we can help Mr. Rowley and Mr. Emett take a dip in the Dunk Tank.



April 19, 2016

Rules and Instructions

  1. Pledge envelopes will be sent home with students on Thursday, March 31.
  2. Pledge envelopes, with donor information in the spaces provided, need to be returned by Monday, April 18.  (Pledge envelopes and information only, no money yet.)
  3. Pledges may be made on a per-lap or a flat donation basis. Each lap is approximately 1/10 of a mile.
  4. Every student will have the opportunity to participate in the “Thunderhawk Walk” during the school day on Tuesday, April 19. We will need volunteers to help with the walk, i.e. counting laps, marking shirts, handing out treats after, etc. The PTA will send out a link for you to sign up to help with our walk. Parents are also encouraged to come and cheer on the students. (You can even walk with them, if you’d like. No dogs, please.)
  5. Students will walk for 30 minutes or 20 laps (whichever comes first) and everyone who participates will receive a treat after their walking time.
  6. Students should wear appropriate shoes for walking and bring a water bottle. “THUNDERHAWK WALK” T-shirts will be given to every student on the day of the walk. This shirt is to be worn over the student’s clothes. Don’t forget sunscreen!
  7. Laps will be marked with a permanent marker on the shirt by a teacher or volunteer at the completion of each lap. We need lots of volunteers to help with this part of the walk.  Laps will be verified immediately after the “THUNDERHAWK WALK” and pledge envelopes will be sent home on Wednesday, April 20.
  8. Please collect pledges and return the envelopes (with the pledge money inside) by Friday, April 29.
  9. Students and classes will be eligible for prizes in the following ways:                                                                                                     
  • The name of every student that turns in the pledge envelope (regardless of how much money is earned) will be entered in a drawing for prizes. We will also put a student’s name in the drawing one time for every 5 laps finished.
  • There will be a prize for the class that walks the most laps, the class that brings in the most money and the classes that return 100% of their envelopes by Friday, April 29th (regardless of how much money, if any, is earned)!
  • If the school reaches its goal of raising $12,000, Mr. Rowley and Mr. Emett will take turns sitting in a dunk tank while randomly selected students from each class have a chance to dunk them!!!
  1. Please do NOT let your child go door-to-door trying to collect pledges. Students are encouraged to only gather pledges from family members and friends.

Since a number of our students will be going to the new school next year, Sage Hills will donate a portion of the proceeds from our fundraiser to the new school.

Here is the sign up link for the Thunderhawk Walk:


Sage Hills Thunderhawks Fill Others' Buckets